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Product Sourcing

Our highly trained team will not only examine factories that produce products of the highest quality, but we’ll also negotiate the best rate for your goods, taking the risk out of buying abroad.

Import & Export

Importing and exporting may form the basics of international trade, but every business is unique with their own requirements.

Product Sourcing

Helping many small, medium and large businesses source the right products for their ideal customers.

Quality Control

We have a professional inspection team. They have rich experience in goods inspection, each person inspects more than 50 items every day.

Helping companies find their ideal manufacturing outlet

Local knowledge and expertise, and a dedicated team who know how to find the factories and suppliers you need.

Managing the manufacturing process end-to-end

From the initial idea, through design and manufacturing to delivering the finished goods – a single team to manage the entire process.

Need help sourcing existing products?

Know what you need, but want a better deal? We specialise in identifying and locating highly competitive factories and suppliers.

Supplier Sourcing

Our approach is that, if desired, we are able to offer a full-service supply chain and logistics solution as a chain director to take care of the best possible solution for the customer.

Supplier Evaluations

We source products for you, assisting in new product development and finding global suppliers to manufacture your specific range of products.

Supplier Development

Providing Solutions that support you at every stage of your international development

Get Started

Let’s guide you through the buying and selling process. We’ve developed our flexible product sourcing, importing and exporting services to ensure our clients have everything they could possibly need to build a successful business.

+44 7960246203