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Saving Our Clients Time & Money, Making Sourcing & Importing Easier

AA Global Group Ltd Services

We Can Source, Inspect, Consolidate Orders, Warehouse & Arrange All Shipping Direct to Your Door. Giving You A Professional Sourcing Service.

Import & Export

Importing and exporting may form the basics of international trade, but every business is unique with their own requirements, so it can be difficult to find flexible and cost-effective solutions.

Product Sourcing

Helping many small, medium and large businesses source the right products for their ideal customers.
We’ve built strong relationships with leading manufacturers, factories and inspectors across the globe.

Other Services

AA Global Group Ltd has hundreds of suppliers and more potential factories to fulfill your OEM & ODM product needs. All products we source are world-class quality at a competitive price.  

  • Supplier Sourcing
  • Supplier Evaluations
  • Business Negotiations
  • Legal Advice
  • Technical Discussions
  • Order Handling
  • Quality Control
  • Supplier Development
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About Us

AA Global Group Ltd have a vast experience of over 20yrs sourcing and importing with a specialty in Eastern Europe, China & The Far East. Everything from Clothing and Furniture to Electronics and Household Goods.

With an Office in Hong Kong and Warehouse, Shipping & Consolidation facilities in Central China, We are ideally placed for every need.

AA Global Group Ltd – Importers, Distributors and Product Sourcing Agents

AA Global Group Ltd has helped a diverse range of businesses streamline their buying and selling processes, including leading ecommerce websites, established retailers, global wholesalers and dropshippers. With our high quality product sourcing, importing and exporting services, we can maximize productivity, increase efficiency and enable growth.

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Let’s guide you through the buying and selling process. We’ve developed our flexible product sourcing, importing and exporting services to ensure our clients have everything they could possibly need to build a successful business.

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